The Best Time to Book International Flight Tickets- Every Traveler need to know

Best Time To Book International Flight Tickets

Planning for an international trip from the United State? But worried about expensive flight tickets. Don’t worry we have come up with an exclusive guide on the best time to book international flight tickets which will help you save big on your international trip. We will give you some pocket-saving tips which will definitely allow you to get cheap international plane tickets.

Although there are several factors that impact international flight tickets, this strategy will work well for most of the destination. Some destinations need long-term preparation while others don’t need to book as much lead time. As per our 30 years of experience in the travel industry, we can say this guide will surely help you bag cheap flight tickets.

What is the Best Time to Buy International Flight Tickets?

Every year, travelguzs analyses hundreds of millions of international airfares where we track the airfares to provide our customers with the most comprehensive insights. After doing a lot of research we identified that the best time to buy international flight tickets depends on the different region around the globe and we also analyses the data that will show you the regional price rage for your booking process. Always start booking your flight tickets in the given range by keeping the special events/festivals in mind. This strategy won’t be effective for special days of that destination as it would be a very busy time for the destination. Find the below regional guide to save big on your journey.

Best time to Book Flights to Central or South America

The best time to Buy flight Tickets to Central/South America is merely 60-70 days before your departure date. Occasionally, flight ticket prices could fluctuate due to events in the country. The cheapest month to travel to South America in September and the most expensive is December, due to Christmas celebration at beaches. The best day to book flights is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Best time to Book Flights to Europe

The best time to book cheap flight tickets to Europe is 120 day out. This is the time when most of the US travelers make a plan for European destinations. In the Summer season, European destinations are in high demand due to its pleasant weather to enjoy nightlife and sightseeing. In the winter season, you can easily steal cheap flights to Europe when fewer people go. Even if you are flexible about your travel dates, you can snag an incredible deal on your choice of destination.

Best time to Book Flights to Asia

To snag a good deal on flights to Asian destinations, you will have to book your flights merely 120-140 in advance. Asian destinations are always on the sale of every travel agent. If you choose a major hub like New York, Los Angeles, Boston you can acquire cheap flights to Asia. Even on a last-minute flight, you can snag the best flight deal for your destination.

Best time to Book Flights to Africa

As per the TravelGuzs’s research, the best time to book flights to Africa is merely 6-7 months in advance to catch the great flight deal. The cheapest month to fly is February which is a great time to capture the wildlife and bird viewing. In February, South Africa is a great destination, particularly down into Cape Town and along the popular Garden Path. The climate varies widely between North and South.

Best time to Book Flights to Australia

For lowest airfares, book your flights to Australia 320 days before your departure date. The lowest month of the year to fly to Australia is between April to June. In Australia due to northern hemisphere, summer is between December through February, and winter is from June through August. Autumn and Winter are considered as the cheapest time to book flights to Australia. In this season, you enjoy lush greenery, water-filled rivers, plenty of birdlife and wildlife in Australia’s spectacular national parks

Money-Saving Tips To Snag The Best Deal on Flights

  • Book Airfares in Advance– The sure way to get cheap flight tickets is early booking. As per the prime booking window you can book cheap international flight tickets with us. Best day to buy plane tickets would be merely about 40-60 days in advance.

  • Redeem Miles and Points – The best way to save on your journey is earned Miles and points to get the cheap plane tickets. Use your points captured by using credit card bonuses or airlines to book your flight journey or can use it to upgrade your class.

  • Be Flexible About Travel Dates– Hunting a cheap flight deal can be quite difficult. But if you adjust your travel dates along with the associated offers then can help you get best flight tickets for your dream vacation. Alternatively, being flexible you can look at the variety of offers on different cities.

  • Book with Us– Check out our exclusive offer on and give us a buzz. We will offer you the best solution for your travel plans. When you book with you will surely find cheap airfares as we always offer discounted flight tickets.

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  • Talk To Travel Arrangers- In order to get cheap flight tickets, call our travel experts and share your travel plans. Our travel arrangers will definitely offer you something which suits your requirement and budget. Our team is ready to assist you anytime.

  • Shop On cheapest Day- As per the research, most of the airlines releases weekly sales on weekdays to fulfil their requirements until weekend. So, check out the deals on weekdays for discounted airfares.

  • Check Out Early Morning Flights or Late Night Flights- Everyone likes flying to the afternoon, only a few people prefer late-night flights or early-morning flights. If you prefer the timing for the trip, you will obtain the advantages of odd flight departures at timings.

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