Best Places to Visit in Dubai- Places Should Not Miss on Your Trip to Dubai

Places To Visit in Dubai

Are you planning to travel post-pandemic and have Dubai in your travel cart? Well, we have come up with a list of places to visit in Dubai. There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Dubai with family, ranging from natural to man-made, that no family should ever miss on their trip to Dubai. We bring you the top must-visit locations in Dubai to help you find those marvels. Make sure you visit all these places with your family while on a Dubai city tour to enjoy some of the best days of your life with your loved ones.

1. Burj Khalifa- Experience the Glimpse of Dubai

The first thing that clicks in mind when we think about a trip to Dubai is Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world. Dubai’s landmark building is the most famous of the city’s points of interest. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors and the observation deck is on the 124th floor which is named the Top. The observation deck is Dubai’s must-visit locations to enjoy the breathtaking glimpse of Dubai. Being the epicenter of Dubai, every New Year’s Eve, it is Emirate’s foremost gathering ground. Burj Khalifa will also give you the best view of Palm Jumeirah

Tip – Due to the famous city-light panoramas in Dubai, nighttime visits are especially common amongst photographers. To avoid long line-ups, purchase your Burj Khalifa “At the Top” Entrance Ticket in advance, especially if you intend to visit on a weekend. Visit the Top Burj Khalifa at the most beautiful time of the day-the sunset.

Timings– It remains open between 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM. The prime hours are between 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

2. Dubai Fountain- Watch The Spectacle

Next on the list of a trip to Dubai is the world’s largest Fountain. It is the city’s most popular free tourist attraction. Dubai Fountain is the most popular spot. It is located outside the Dubai Mall and is visible from every point on the lake. It is one of the most stunning places to visit in Dubai to experience the combination of the nightlife with the rhythmic dance of the water in the fountain. The most well-choreographed fountain in the world stands in the middle of Burj Lake and has been attracting a flock of a tourist over the course of years. This is one of the ideal places to visit in Dubai with family.

Dubai Fountain is one of the places to visit in Dubai near the airport and it is a place to visit on a stopover in Dubai. The Dubai Fountain tour is ideal for both visitors who are in Dubai for business visits and are not available in the morning and want to do city sightseeing in the afternoon or evening. It is also perfectly suited for travelers who have a layover in Dubai and want spare time to see Beautiful Dubai. Travelers who have a flight stop in Dubai can also capture the breathtaking view of Dubai Fountain instead of waiting for the next flight at the airport.

Timings– The fountain show starts at 7 PM daily and the show is on every 30 minutes until 11 PM.

Tip– If standing and watching the fountain is not enough then you can take a lake ride and can book the ticket to enjoy the best show in town to enjoy the mesmerizing sounds and breathtaking sights.

3. Dubai Desert- Hop On A Camel

Dubai’s desert is a magnet for thrill-seekers. Dubai’s desert is one of the best places to visit in Dubai with family. Dive deep into an oasis of Dubai’s desert experience, which locks up a large variety of city customs, golden sands, and heritage discovery. The sparkling sands and tempting skyscrapers with which you can discover the incredible encounters are all about Dubai.

Trade the city’s concrete for the sand dunes on a desert trip to Dubai. Dubai Desert will give you the ultimate travel experience, complete with 4×4 dune bashing, camel rides or buggy rides with a mouth-watering barbeque dinner followed by a belly dancing performance from the most extensive tours.

Morning hours- 8:30 Am – 11:30 AM
Evening Hours- 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Overnight- 4:00 PM – 9:00 AM

4. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo- Let Your Kids watch out Sharks

Next on the list of places to visit in Dubai is the Underwater zoo. It is situated on the ground and level two of the world’s largest Dubai Mall and is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in your trip to Dubai. Dubai Aquarium is one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums and illuminates the ocean floor’s marvels, exhibiting one of the most extensive collections of aquatic life.

Underwater Zoo is located just above the aquarium. In the Underwater Zoo, tourists can capture the close-ups of penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, seahorses, jellyfish and much more. Tourists will also spot King Croc, considered as the unique phenomenon of nature and one of the largest reptiles in the world, is a fascinating new addition at Underwater Zoo.

Timings– Tourists can visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo between 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM and are open 365 days in a year.

Entry Fee- From AED 100 or USD 27 to AED 300 or USD 82

5. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the exotic places to visit in your 3 days in Dubai. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai. The luxurious spots and sites to wonder leave you starstruck. An artificially designed canal-city is one of the major attractions in Dubai. Dubai Marina is well-known for luxury services and panoramic views by keeping comfort at its peak.

Jumeirah Beach is the heart of this place, which is the largest single-phase residential area in the world, offering more than 500 people a luxurious stay. In two phases, Marina was designed and developed. The first stage concentrated on building apartments and the towers of the Dubai Marina, while the second stage introduced the colors of the night to the city by building skyscrapers.

Timings: Tourists can explore Dubai Marina between 10 AM – 10 PM.

Tip- There is the Dubai Tram for a smoother commute inside the Marina, which can take you to both ends of the complex for USD 2, varying on the distance. Take the Water Bus that takes you around the canal if you want to visit the Dubai Marina a little differently. A speedboat tour, another exciting water-based activity, is enjoyable for the whole family and lets you see the whole marina in just 1.5 hours.

6. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is also one of the must-visit places on your trip to Dubai. Go down the Dubai Marina Coastline to find a famous place where people meet at Jumeirah Beach to unwind and drink a cooler or two. One of the most famous and most visited public beaches in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach. The white sandy beach runs along the city’s coastal area and has several large resorts and hotels near its façade.

The park next to the beach has a children’s playground and several areas devoted to barbecues and picnic areas. There is a range of restaurants and shopping centers available on the seashore. You can get your sunshine for those who enjoy the sun, while others can relax on the sand to envision the deep blue sea.

Entry– Jumeirah beach is available free of charge from early morning till late at night.

Tip– Dubai is a hot place and It will be wise if you can visit Jumeirah beaches in the evening hours because of the intolerable heat and humidity, particularly if you are with children. It is advised to bring a bottle of water along.

7. Dubai Miracle Garden- Treat Your Soul With Nature Blast

Treat your soul with this flourishing garden full of thousands of colorful flowers blooming in a desert, located far 14 Km from Burj Al Arab and 30 Km from Dubai international airport. It is the biggest flower garden and among the prime places to visit on a trip to Dubai. A variety of things to do are completely packed around Dubai Miracle Gardens. You need to reserve at least one whole day to enjoy this Miracle Garden to the fullest.

A butterfly garden, located just next to Dubai Miracle garden claimed to be the World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden. It has an enormous flower-shaped clock and delicately decorated mosques which are worth watching. The butterfly garden has custom-built domes and a butterfly museum where more than 50 varieties of butterflies in different colors and sizes are naturally alive and flying around the visitors. The domes are designed to protect butterflies from bad climate and provide them with a relaxed environment.

Timings– It is open from mid- November to mid-May from 9 AM – 11 PM.

Entry– Adult- USD 15 & Children between 3 – 12 Years – USD 11

Tip– The garden is also studded with numerous retail shops that serve as an additional treat for visiting shopaholics.

8. Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek tour offers visitors the amazing opportunity to see the fascinating region of Bur Dubai and Deira. It helps you to understand why it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Dubai by depicting the history of the city while admiring the modern wonder that it has become.

The creek will provide you with a unique way to explore the area, and water taxis called abra- a small wooden water taxis can be used to look at different points of attraction. For those who want to experience the grandeur of Dubai from a laid back viewpoint, Dhow Cruise is one of the most popular tours here and is definitely a must-try. As their boat trip continues, families will enjoy sumptuous meals and boat entertainment.

Timings– Open from 9 AM to 5 PM

9. Burj Al Arab

Next place on the wander-lust is Burj Al Arab, the fourth tallest hotel in the world. It is one of the most expensive 7-star hotels in the world. Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit up by choreographed lighting in the evening and offers a myriad of Dubai attractions to explore. Ideal for photographers and highly affluent.

Tip- On the 27th floor, the Sky view Bar provides the most beautiful views of Palm Jumeirah.

10. Dubai Souks

There are a number of souks (markets) in Dubai, but Deira is an ideal place to visit in Dubai that every tourist dreams about. Located close to Dubai Creek, the tourists rush to visit this place to witness a variety of gold displayed on the shop windows. The Dubai Souks is a place where everything from spices and hand-woven textiles to gold and organic fruits and vegetables can be found. Take the time to walk around, have a cup of coffee, soak up the atmosphere, and don’t think about haggling.

Dubai is one of the most thrilling shopping cities in the world, with its alluring combination of foreign designer brands and large contemporary malls. But the traditional markets, known as souks, are a must-visit if you really want to get under the skin of this desert region.

Timings– Shops open at 9 AM