Dubai Stopover With TravelGuzs- Relax At The Moment You Arrive in Dubai

Dubai Stopover

Are you planning to travel through Dubai and have a few hours to spend at Dubai Airport or considering a short break from your journey? Well, Dubai Stopover is one of the best ways to discover the must-see attractions in Dubai when transiting through it.

In this post, we will help you with multiple options to enroll the Dubai stopover program. When people talk about Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is high rise buildings and endless luxury roaming around the city. Layover in Dubai is the perfect time to make the most of your trip.

Whether it’s a cultural tour, dinner cruise, theme park tickets or an exciting desert adventure, let us know your travel plan, we will arrange it for you. We can help you make the most of a short stay or longer journey so that you can just relax and enjoy the experience.

Dubai Stopover

Dubai stopover is a perfect excuse to take a relaxing break from your journey and explore the best of Dubai when next time you fly through. Book your whole trip with authorized travel advisor like TravelGuzs and choose your stay on the seashore, in the city or in the peace of the desert, with simple 24-hour check-in and check-out at selected 100+ hotels and 50+ activities.

We will help you organize your trip to Dubai with your choice of hotel and your transfer. With Dubai stopover, you can discover the best of Dubai and enjoy a short vacation by taking a break from a journey.

Is it worth having a stopover in Dubai?

Don’t waste your Dubai layover sitting at the airport. You will see some cities even though you only have a few hours or one day. If you still have to book cheap business class flights to Dubai, see if you can bundle your itinerary into at least one night in Dubai. It is going to be worth it!

To discover all the sight-seeing attractions across Dubai will probably take less than a week to complete unless you wanted to discover the cities across the UAE. Therefore, the best way to make the most out of Dubai is to explore it while transiting and offer a few days to explore the places to visit in Dubai depending on your travel schedule.

What is Emirates Dubai Experience- DEX?

Well, have you heard about Dubai planning tool? Not yet then you must need to know about it. This is the booking/planning tool which will help you book a trip to Dubai with the help of authorized travel advisor like us.

Dubai based Emirates have come up with DEX program where traveler can take a break from a journey when they travel through Dubai. Emirates Dubai Stopover has changed its name to Dubai Experience DEX. With DEX, the passenger can take advantage of Emirates’ Dubai stopover and enjoy an exciting stay at one of the biggest hotel in Dubai.

Emirates Dubai Experience(Emirates Dubai Stopover), DEX will offer you an opportunity to book your trip to Dubai and discover places to visit in Dubai and enjoy relaxing activities including desert safaris, dinner on cruises at exclusive rates or simply can take a break from the journey and relax at one of the pristine beaches.

Benefits of Emirates Dubai Stopover

1. It provides a selection of 100+ hotels and apartments that suit every customer pace
2. Seasonal promotional offers will be available
3. 24 hours check-in and check-out with no blackout dates
4. Special rates for some popular places to visit in Dubai
5. Special rates will be applicable if book Dubai itinerary in the bundle
6. DEX can help you discover the best of Dubai even if they do not have enough time to leave the airport
7. Passenger can ask travel advisor to add/cancel Dubai itinerary prior to 48 hours of departure

Where to Stay in Dubai?

As the world’s biggest dynamic city, Dubai is renowned for luxury resorts and towering, contemporary skyscrapers. You will certainly discover a slice of grandeur at any corner of Dubai. With DEX, you will get a range of 100+ cheap hotels to stay with your family in a budget.

Choosing a perfect hotel for your trip to Dubai is something you have to decide as per your preferences and hours of layover in Dubai. If you are staying for just a night or two, you would probably better off to stay close to the airport or near to Dubai Mall which is just a 10 KM far from the airport. Dubai Experience will offer you a selection of hundreds of hotels located across Dubai which suits every traveler pace.

Whether you wanted to relax in your room or just stroll through the streets along the waterside, layover in Dubai will give you an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Why Should Book With Travel Advisor?

The travelers can take the benefit of DEX planning tool only if they book with an authorized travel agent and TravelGuzs is one of the travel advisors who will help you add this program to your trip to Dubai package. You can easily book a stopover in Dubai if you are flying with Emirates Airlines, and we will take care of everything from meeting and greeting at the airport to 24-hour check-in, tours, excursions and more.

You will need to contact TravelGuzs to make the arrangements once you have purchased cheap business class tickets. Call our travel experts @1-866-723-9393 and share your travel plans, they will help you add a break in your journey 48 hours prior to your departure and will also help you arrange a visa if required.

Things To Do in Dubai Stopover

Expo 2020

What better way to begin your stopover than with a trip to the world’s largest Dubai Expo. The global mega-event designed to unveil technologies that shape the future. Initially, the Expo has been executed Middle East, Africa or South Asia. In 2021, it will be executed in Dubai.

In Expo 2020 Dubai, visitors can see more than 200 participants demonstrating their innovations, including countries, companies and educational institutions. A one-day or two-day ticket would be great to use during your Dubai stopover, with several ticket types available to buy.

Expo 2020 was initially executed in 2020 but due to unprecedented pandemic it will be executed between October 1, 2021- March 31, 2022

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the first thing to come up in mind when we talk about places to visit in Dubai. Capturing the glimpse of Palm Jumeirah from the world’s tallest building can be unforgettable. An elevator takes you to the top which is on the 124th floor allowing you to capture the world from 360-degree views.

Dubai Marina

An artificially designed canal city is one of the major attractions in the UAE. Dubai Marina is an exotic place to visit while taking Dubai Holiday. Dubai Marina offers an amazing luxurious spot to enjoy dining, or take a luxurious yacht rides to enjoy skyscraper sight while floating in the midst of canals. One can book cruises for Dubai Marina which can be booked according to affordability.

Dubai Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus-

The great way to explore the popular sightseeing trip to Dubai is to take a Hop-On bus to enjoy the hassle-free journey of must-see places to visit in Dubai. The Hop-on bus will help you discover almost 38 attractions over a 24-hour with guided commentary in 12 languages. In Summer, you can also book air-conditioned Hop-On bus to make you feel comfortable while sightseeing.

Desert Safari

During your stopover in Dubai, taking a trip to the Dubai desert is a must as the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is located just outside the area, making it easy to reach. This will be a notable part of every trip to Dubai, with the chance to experience dune bashing, see wildlife in their natural environment or even dine in the desert with belly dancing performances.