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Best airline to fly Turkish Airlines


Best airline to fly - Turkish Airlines

TravelGuzs now introduces you to one of the Best Airlines in the Aviation Industry, Now in association with the Turkish Airlines, we would be glad to provide our customers with the best services rendered by Turkish Airlines. The Special offers served by them would now be available to the TraveGuzs customers.

Turkish Airlines has been incorporated in 1956 and joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA). As of 2017, it operates scheduled services to 302 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas making it the Fourth largest carrier in the world by the number of Destinations. Istanbul Ataturk Airport is its main base.


Economy Class Seats:

Turkish Airlines provide you with the Maximum seatback recline. The seat pan also moves forward an additional inches for more comfort. There are onboard power receptable on the front foot bar underneath the seat pan supplies energy for laptops and other electrical devices along with the personal USB and Ethernet jack is available for each passenger. You get an adjustable headrest and footrest.

The menu onboard is prepared with the freshest and best quality ingredients, depending upon the departure time and duration of the flight. Along with the varied world cuisine, they also include the Turkish culinary on the menu list for their passengers. You get everything from sandwiches, coffee to the main course. On the flight, you can be served with special meals which are in particular to your medical concern, or diet, or in terms of the religious requirement. They serve as per your requirements.

Entertainment and Connectivity

For Inflight entertainment on international flights, you are provided with the planet digital system and individual touch screens. Depending upon the convenience the passenger can either use the touch screen or the remote controller which is attached to their seats to choose their program.

In-flight connectivity services the Turkish Airlines in partnership with Panasonic, AeroMobile, and TTNET offer two connectivity services on selected flights. Turkish airline provides you with Wi-Fi from your seat to stay connected to your social world.

Business Class Seats

The seats provided in Business Class sleeping space when in the fully-reclined bed position. A reading light is available beneath the armrest. You get an onboard power receptacle for laptops and other electrical devices. The armrest which is been provided also serves as a privacy screen and is controlled by the touch button.

Business Class Catering Services for Intercontinental Flights.

On the Intercontinental flights, the passengers can experience the restaurant quality food, and high-quality menus are regularly changed in order to provide new options for regular travelers. The Business class passengers are greeted with the welcome drink onboard. Depending upon the flight length and departure time the meal is served, for a long journey they serve you with two full meals and additional snacks. The full bar on board includes a wide selection of cocktails as well as a carefully selected assortment of Turkish and International beers and wines. The ingredients used are always fresh and of top quality, combined to create menus from Turkish and International cuisines and served on porcelain dishes.

Entertainment Services.

For Inflight entertainment on international flights, you are provided with the planet digital system and individual touch screens. An individual and multiple player Game channel, a Children’s channel and an Audio Book channel are also available. The Planet digital system offers the following in its Entertainment section Turkish cinema and Children’s films as well as television series, dramas, documentaries, sports, travel, food, fashion, and technology programs and cartoons.

Cheap Business Class Tickets on Turkish Airlines


Baggage Terms and Conditions

Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights Excess Baggage Charges

Business Class – Free Baggage allowance Adult /Child is 30 Kg only and for Infant 10 Kg.

Economy Class - Free Baggage allowance Adult /Child is 20 Kg only and for Infant 10 Kg.

International Flights Free Baggage Allowance

Business Class – Free Baggage allowance Adult /Child is 30 Kg.

Economy Class - Free Baggage allowance Adult /Child is 20.

Infant (0-2 years old) – 10 kg + 1 collapsible baby carriage / buggy (115cm)

Free baggage allowance varies according to the reservation class and departure runway.

  • Free baggage allowance : 

    From Germany to Turkey and Beyond Turkey - Economy Class is 30 kg

    Business Class 40 kg.

  • For flights from Ireland - 30 kg for the Economy Class

    40 kg for the Business Class.

  • For flights originating in Ireland and Switzerland (first flight of the journey is from Ireland and Switzerland) - 30kg for Economy Class

    40kg for Business Class.

  • For flights not originating in Ireland and Switzerland free baggage allowance can differ.

  • For flights originating in Israel - 20 Kg in Economy cabin and 30 Kg in the Business cabin.

  • For flights from Edinburgh to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa-

    40 kg for the Economy Class travelers

    50 kg for Business Class travelers.

Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage (Hand Baggage) is defined as any baggage of 8 kg and 55x40x23 cm, Each passenger is responsible for his/her own cabin baggage, which is carried at passenger cabin for free of charge.

Free Cabin Baggage Allowance

Business Class – Minimum Two Pieces Maximum 8 Kg Per Piece.

Economy Class and Child Passenger - Minimum One Piece Maximum 8 Kg Per Piece.

Duty-free products shall be excluded from the implementation of cabin baggage carriage regulations.

General Baggage Information

1. Can I Check My Baggage To The Last Destination?

Yes, you can check your baggage to the last destination. If you are changing your ticketed itinerary, please advise the airport agent before checking your luggage. Please ask at the transfer point if you will be able to collect your baggage at the final destination according to the customs regulations of that country.

2. What Should I do if I Don't Receive My Baggage upon Arrival?

To get more information about baggage problems, visit our Baggage Delays page, please.

3. What Is My Free Baggage Allowance?

To learn your free baggage allowance, visit our Free Baggage Allowance page, please.

4. How much do I pay for excess baggage?

To learn our excess tariffs, visit our Excess Baggage page, please.

5. What are the guidelines about cabin baggage?

To learn our cabin baggage policies, visit our Cabin Baggage page, please.

Travel Insurance

Miles and Smiles members can purchase Gulf Sigorta Travel Insurance policies during their journey with Turkish Airlines. Gulf Sigorta Travel Insurance Exclusive Package for Turkish Airlines passengers offers well-rounded protection against unexpected and sudden situations during travel, i.e. cancellation of the travel plan, loss of baggage, emergency medical transfer, purse snatching, treatment expenses, and flight delay.

Travel insurance also provides you with a family friendly plan, Travel Select provides travel protection coverage for children 17 and under at no additional cost when traveling with a covered adult family member.

Travel Select offers customizable travel protection for any lifestyle.

  • Trip Cancellation reasons include Cancel for Business Reasons.

  • 21-day pre-existing condition exclusion waiver available.

  • Emergency Medical and Evacuation.

  • Primary Coverage with no deductibles.

  • Kids 17 and under covered at no additional cost.


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