Tour Istanbul – Make the most of your time in Istanbul

Tour Istanbul

Discover the city of Istanbul with our Touristanbul offer. You take advantage of the offer on a Stopover of at least 6 hours and a maximum of 24 hours on an International connecting flight in Istanbul. 

You can see Istanbul’s most significant historical places and savor traditional Turkish cuisine with the help of Touristanbul. Touristanbul gives an exceptional experience in the nonstop city.

The Touristanbul service is complimentary if you travel on an international aircraft with a connection through Istanbul and have a layover of between six and 24 hours. You will be picked up by a car at Istanbul Airport when your flight arrives, and at the conclusion of the tour, you will be driven back to the airport.

Discover Istanbul

There’s something about the old and the new coming together that gives a place character. This is certainly true of Istanbul, which was once Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and is now Turkey’s biggest city. 

Visitors to this fascinating city are in for a treat with its historic monuments, beautiful mosques, churches and synagogues, impressive palaces, and cafes with wonderful views; there’s something for everyone.

You visit the most famous buildings and landmarks in Istanbul with Touristanbul. You’ll get a glimpse of the city, see some of the most famous buildings in the entire world, and enjoy a stunning perspective of the fabled Bosphorus!

In a fine restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine while on your tour.

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